Milford Sound

We were awake bright and early and raring to go. Then we immediately fell asleep on the bus.

After a nice little morning nap, we woke to some pretty amazing sights. We were on our way to Fiordland, namely Milford Sound. Milford Sound is arguably the most beautiful Fiord in New Zealand and despite attracting a great deal of tourism remains relatively untouched. But don’t just expect a quick coach journey to the Sound - the trip is a day-long affair with plenty of breath taking stops along the way.

We wound our way out of Queenstown along Lake Wakatipu before making our first stop.

On the way to our next stop we took bus selfies

But even our undeniable beauty can’t match the natural splendor of this place.

From this point onwards the journey started to get truly beautiful so excuse the reflection from the bus windows but these sights were too good not to photograph.

The water ran incredible clear and blue and you could make out each pebble of the riverbed.

Our next few stops were for more snowy mountains, each as amazing as the last.

We were amazed to even find a rain forest so far up the mountains. The extreme juxtaposition of environments made for some mind-blowing sights.

We eventually made it to Milford Sound where the heavens opened. But Cat and I weren’t going to let a little drizzle* ruin our day. *torrential rain

The sun did eventually come out though, showing off Milford in all its glory.

We cooed at seals which inhabit the area

And got drenched again as we passed under the waterfall.

Damp and sleepy and with a brain about to explode we climbed back on the bus to be taken home to a delicious fish supper of blue cod caught fresh from Milford itself.



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