Lucky Lupitas

We've been busy bees. With several assignments down and many more to go, Cat and I decided to treat ourselves. We both love mexican food and had been dying to try this little place at the bottom of the road - Lucky Lupitas. At 5.10 on the dot we headed down (after a day of studying, we could wait no longer) and thank god we did! We got there just after the restaurant opened at 5.30 and it was already full to bursting - a very good sign in my books!

The restaurant itself is very atmospheric. It's a tiny shack-like place where you can see into the minute kitchen at the back and the little details count.

As we decided what to order (or what not to order in our case) we were presented with lovely little glasses of water and a taster of nuts, which were so good they caused Cat to get over her fear of eating them out of the pot.

Then the main spectacle arrived. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, THE BEST NACHOS EVER.

Ok, I know that's a bold statement to make but I've tried many a nacho and these beauties were by far the best I have ever had. Each tortilla chip was covered in a thick, rich tomato sauce, molten cheese* and black beans. None of that soggy chips at the bottom business, each one was bursting with flavour and texture and deliciousness. 

*What do you call cheese that isn't yours? Nacho cheese. (I'm here all night)

I mean, just look at that. I could happily have eaten 3 bowls of these myself. But I am a little piggy so that's not really a surprise. 

But no, after a long and thorough perusal of the menu I decided to try the pulled pork - in a Mexican restaurant I decided I couldn't really justify a burger. 

How I wish I'd gone for that damn burger. The pork was nice and I didn't let it go to waste but it was rather lacklustre. Unfortunately, it had a rather muted taste and as other people's amazing burgers came out from the kitchen I had an extreme case of food envy. Cat tried the slow cooked chicken taco with similar complaints. After a bit of a disappointment, especially after those epic nachos, we made a pact to come back and try the burgers and quesadillas - I'll let you know the verdict. 

Still, date night ended on a high as we snaffled a creme caramel each before I could even pull my camera out. We strolled back home in the warm evening breeze (it's nearly Summer, don't you know) and I was invited in for coffee, if you know what I mean *wink wink nudge nudge*

Ok, we actually only had fruit tea, chatted about travel plans and giggled at everything. Sorry to disappoint. 

If you're around though and looking for a new eatery to try, do check out Lucky Lupitas. It's worth a visit if for the nachos alone! They can be found on Rupert Avenue, Bedford Park but make sure you get there early or be willing to wait because it fills up VERY quickly. Enjoy!


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