Driving Day #1

We were on the road bright and early and it was my turn to drive. After flash training my left foot not to keep searching for the clutch we were off to a flying start.

Whilst I was concentrating, Cat took to taking selfies.

We began in luscious farm land which was a surprisingly welcome sight for this little country girl. 

‘England on steroids’ – Catherine Lee, 2013

Obligatory NZ sheep. 

The farmland soon transitioned into mountains and we found ourselves slowly winding upwards.

After several disconcerting kilometres, we came over the brow of a hill, both of us gasping at the sight before us.

Lake Tekapo

We pulled over to catch our breath and to try to capture the stunning blue of the water and the distant snow capped mountains on film.

We ate cold pizza overlooking the mind-blowing glacier lake before strolling the perimeter in awe.

Ideally we would have relaxed in the hot pools overlooking the lake but it started raining and we were on a mission to get to Queenstown.

The road was long and windy and the imposing snowy peaks disappearing into the clouds did little for Cat’s nerves. As we rolled closer and closer with trepidation, she whispered, ‘I think a little bit of wee just came out’. 

Soon our minds were taken off the inevitable climb as we came across another stunning lake.

Before long though, we were back, urging little Noah upwards.

Later that day, Queenstown welcomed us with bright lights, more snowy mountains and a hearty supper. 


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