The Mighty Adelaide Crows

To celebrate banging out my first assignment, I headed over to the AAMI Stadium to watch some Australian Rules Football:
Adelaide Crows v Melbourne.

We had cracking pitch side seats...

...which were perfect for eyeing up the players watching my first ever match. 

Not only was it the first time I've ever watched a game, it was also the last match to be played at the AAMI stadium. It was momentous stuff which called for some serious excitement. 

Admittedly some were a little more excited than others.

Halfway through the match we were treated to a fantastic mini game from some rising stars. We all squealed from start to finish as the little cuties completely put the pros to shame. 

After several thousand rounds of the mexican wave, all our cheering finally paid off and the Crows ended the game victorious! I could leave my first match a happy girl. 

And if I have to have this stuck in my head for the next week, so do you. 



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