Koalas, Kangaroos and Fairy Penguins

On Sunday, we went on a trip.

First stop: Mount Lofty. Standing at 710 metres above sea level, this is Adelaide's highest peak. Home to cracking views and fierce winds straight from Antarctica. It was a bracing but beautiful start to the day.

I don't think I'll ever get sick of seeing that beautiful blue sea.

Stop No. 2: Cleland Wildlife Park

THE place to stroke a koala and feed a few kangaroos. This is where the day really took off. If you couldn't tell from my trip to the zoo, I freaking love animals and I'm fairly certain these girls do too.

When I was tiny my cousin gave me a little koala teddy and I've dreamed of getting up close and personal with one ever since. Guess what, y'all, MY CHILDHOOD DREAM CAME TRUE. (Just got to work on being Baby Spice now... yeah, I was a weird kid)

Then we stumbled upon a group of free range roos and the sun came out so the day got even better.

One chap in particular was loving the attention.

Then the most awesome thing ever happened and the day, once more, got even better. Although shy at first, after a bit of wriggling around, this little fella introduced himself.

How you doin'? - Joey

Luckily I managed to drag myself away before I stole him.

Third Stop: Granite Island. Set just off Victor Harbor, you have to walk across the Southern Ocean to get there - the perfect opportunity to try to spot a whale or two.

The island itself is beautiful, only made better by the presence of fairy penguins coming home to rest for the night. Conservation programmes running on Granite Island make sure that the penguins have a safe place to return to and have even set up a small penguin hospital!

A recovering patient

As the sun started to set we found a couple of wild penguins and heard many more. And as the night drew ever closer we made our sleepy way home. Another wonderful day. 


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