Just a fine and fancy ramble to the zoo

Someone wants to say hello...(and it's not Simon or Garfunkel)

Quentin the Quokka

Today we went to Adelaide zoo. Who cares if it was cold and rainy, being the home of giant pandas, orangutans and hippos, it was always going to be crazy cool.

Shy koala

Wang Wang

Me and my new mate, Funi

Monkeying around.

Then the day took a turn for the AWESOME. We stumbled upon an extra special children's petting zoo. Hidden away at the back is a pen of free roaming quokkas (the cutest animals alive) and kangaroos. Definitely the highlight of my time here so far.

Coming for cuddles

"Please pack me in your bag and take me with you"

Right before he jumped over us!

And who can resist a visit to the shop at the end of the day? Certainly not me.


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