Is not EVERY garden a botanical garden?

Now Adelaide isn't the biggest of cities but sometimes in the hustle and bustle you need somewhere tranquil to hide away for a few moments. The city's botanic gardens are ideal. A little slice of peace and quiet in the middle of the metropolis.

Although the wind was brisk, the sun eventually came out to warm us up a little and we took our time wandering around the park. 

We meandered down all the secret paths...

 Which way Cat? 

...found many a water feature...

(which obviously included a chat with the ducks)

...and tested out new hairstyles in the rainforest.

After finally getting our breath back after a chronic case of the giggles we headed home just as the sun set. A wonderfully chilled day.

And that's all folks.


  1. I want to be there right now, too!


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