G'day Mate.

Hi, this is me. 

(Photography courtesy of Lauren Quinn)

Tomorrow I move to Australia for a year. I'm hugely excited, a little bit scared and so sad to leave my beautiful friends and family. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of leaving parties, packing and organising but in the midst of such chaos I had an epiphany. 

I am going to become a Yes Girl. 

*Deep Breath* Here goes:

I, Beci, pledge to say Yes to everything.* 
I promise to do everything, see everything and go everywhere, even if I am absolutely terrified. 
I promise to grab every opportunity with both hands.
I promise to have the best year...EVER.

So come on into my little world and join me on my adventure. I hope you enjoy it, I hope I make you smile, I hope you stay. 

*DISCLAIMER: Everything does not include murder, prostitution or other immoral or illegal practices. I'm a good little law student. 


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