Everything The Light Touches Is Our Kingdom.

Hey y'all. How ya going? I'm alright, not much happenin', it's just that, like, well, y'know, I'M KINDA IN AUSTRALIA, BABY!

Cat and I arrived bleary eyed and giggly Sunday evening and it's been pretty much the same since. We're still recovering from our 27 hour flight and the subsequent jetlag but with views like this it's hard to stay sleepy for long.

The campus is essentially a ginormous forest of koala filled trees (I'm yet to see one but I'll whack up a photo as soon as I do!) that we have to hike through everyday.

Because Australia's upside down it's currently Winter. Having said this, it's basically a normal English Summer, none of this heatwave business that I'm missing out on. Still, it's lovely snuggling up in my new home with Cat, a coffee and a packet of Tim Tams.

Penguin bar 2.0

My own little corner of home

It's even better when I get to wake up, stumble out onto my balcony and gaze lazily at the sea.

So this is my new life. Welcome to Australia. Have a good one. 


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