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Kuala Lumpur: Part 2

On our first full day in KL, what more could we do to overcome the jet lag than a spot of retail therapy?

We'd heard some good things about Bukit Bintang and so we decided to spend our day basking in some well needed air-con at Pavilion, perusing Sephora with incredible longing (from me) and walking past expensive bars with 'drink 5 pints of Guinness and get a free glass' deals with incredible longing (from Danny).

Finally braving the humidity, we went exploring the area a little more. We'd heard there was a gigantic shopping centre and it didn't take much to find it! It is ginormous!

I present, the world's biggest shopping centre*!

*bold claim made by me. 
Just look at the size of it! 

The 48 storey structure is the ninth largest building in the entire world and houses basically the biggest shopping centre ever, a cinema, offices, a hotel and a leisure centre...

...and is by far the most difficult place to leave. Danny and I spent about 3 hours here with at leas…

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